31 מרץ, 2013

עמידרור: בעיני הרש"פ, רק מאבק בפשע לגיטימי. מאבק נגד הטרור- אינו לגיטימי

עמידרור: בעיני הפלשתינים, מאבק (של כוחות הבטחון שלהם) בפשע - לגיטימי. מאבק נגד הטרור- אינו לגיטימי

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David Bedein
Israel Resource News Agency

In Tom Friedman's March 24 , 2013 column, "Israel: Bits, Bytes and Bombs". http://www.nytimes.com/2013/03/24/opinion/sunday/friedman-israel-bits-bytes-and-bombs.html?ref=thomaslfriedman&_r=0
, Mr. Friedman advances a notion that has little basis in fact, which is  that "Thanks to their [Palestinian Security Forces, the PSF] cooperation with the Israeli security services, no Israeli was killed in the West Bank by terrorism in 2012" 

While the PSF has helped Israel in matters of petty crime such as car thefts, Israel continues to combat Arab terror groups by itself, with no cooperation from the PSF.

General Yaakov Amidror, former head of the IDF's Research and Assessment Division and currently serving as Security Advisor to Prime Minister Netanyahu, put it best when he told our agency that "There is a huge difference in the Palestinian view between law enforcement, which they  see as legitimate, and anti-terrorism, which they do not see as legitimate."

The PA has no laws against money laundering for terror groups; PA statutes do not define any group as a terrorist organization. Moreover, there has never been action against Hamas undertaken by PA security forces out of an anti-terrorist ideological conviction. Instead, the PA has been nurturing its security ties with  Hamas.  The reason why there are less Israelis attacked by terrorists in the West Bank is because the Israeli army has repositioned itself in every nook and cranny of the West  Bank. Ever wonder why the shooting ceased from Beit Jallah (The Bethlehem suburb) on Gilo (The Jerusalem Suburb) .

There is only one reason why Arab terror groups no longer fire on Jerusalem: the presence of Israeli troops in Beit  Jallah. 

Any Step towards a sovereign Palestinian state would deprive the IDF of the ability to maintain a presence in the West  Bank to combat terror groups that the PSF will not engage.

How US Military Aid to Fatah Actually Bolsters the Hamas


On the Brink: Decline of US trained Palestinian Security Forces


18 מרץ, 2013

מיידי מיידי

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גלעד שליט: "תודה לכל מי שעשה בעבר למעני, כיום הצטרפו להצלת פולארד

גלעד שליט קורא לציבור:  "תודה לכל מי שעשה למעני, עתה אנא הצטרפו להצלת פולארד"  http://news.walla.co.il/?w=/90/2623990 

קרוב ל-150,000 איש כבר חתמו על העצומה אנא המשיכו להפיץ: www.PollardNow.org

בברכת "ושבו בנים לגבולם",
כולנו חותמים: עצומה למען פולארד לנשיא אובמה

אשר מבצרי


שלמה וסרטיל
מוזיאון גוש קטיף בירושלים, (ע"ר)

שמעון פרס חזר לסורו

שימון פרס חזר לסורו
לפני מספר ימים, נאם בנושא קרבנות טרור בצרפת
שם, כמובן, הצליח לכמה רגעים להתאפק ולא לדבר על הקמת מדינה פלשתינית
אך בבואו לפרלמנט האירופי חזר לסורו ופטפט שוב על הקמת מדינה פלשתינית
ואל תטעו, זוהי מדינת טרור במרחק אופניים מירושלים תל-אביב גוש דן ונתב"ג
שני דברים מעודדים
א. לפחות רעיון העיוועים של מדינה פלשתינית לא הופיע אצל פרס בכותרת
ב. לפני כמה ימים רוה"מ נתניהו נאם בפני אייפק והצליח לסיים את דבריו בלי לומר שהוא בעד הקמת מדינה פלשתינית
יפה מאד ראש הממשלה. עכשיו תמשיך כך

עשרות צעירים יהודים עלו הבוקר להר הבית

עשרות צעירים יהודים עלו הבוקר להר הבית. המשטרה עיכבה אותם זמן ממושך בשער.

לראיונות --
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הרב יהודה גליק, 052-8990399

Article by Meir Indor about the Tekoa Rabbi, Rabbi Menachem Froman

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Meir Indor

Rabbi Menachem Froman: Not What You Thought

Meir Indor remembers a great man whose love for his fellow human beings knew neither religious nor political bounds, and was happily reciprocated by all.

First and foremost, Menachem Froman was a community rabbi who dealt with questions of what is permitted and what is forbidden.  Although he seemed to exist beyond time and space, he refused to permit anyone who arrived after sunset to hold Mincha prayers in his synagogue.

The many young people who flocked to Menachem, thinking him a great reformer, ought to take note: you can't take home only the easy things.

When Menachem participated in Shabbat camping programs, he kept a copy of Keeping Shabbat in hand for reference when dealing with any problems that came up.  He received his ordination from two great luminaries who were exacting regarding things great and small: Rabbi Shlomo Goren and Rabbi Avraham Shapira.  And as Rabbi Moshe Levinger, who went to visit Menachem during his illness, said, Menachem was a skilled halakha decisor.

During that visit as on many other occasions, the two old friends found themselves in a political argument.  I can imagine that was said: I had often had such arguments with Menachem in the past, ever since he went to the Madrid Conference, calling for a compromise with the Palestinians, while we terror victims took the opposite position, calling against talks with terrorist organizations.  But it was impossible to argue with Menachem for very long.  He put an end to any disagreement with a bear hug.

In Rabbi Levinger's words, Menachem was not a great politician, but he had a big heart, which is why Rabbi Tvi Yehuda Kook loved him so much.  Because of his goodheartedness, he refused to believe that it was impossible to find some good on the Palestinian side.  Menachem thought that through love and planned encounters he could reduce the tension, forgetting that one does not go to the political marketplace with love.

The Palestinians have political aspirations that do not mesh with ours, aspirations that do not allow for Jewish statehood in a place where they and Sha'ariah law hold sway, but only for individual Jews living under protection.

Those on the other side shook his hands and kissed him as is customary in the East, and some truly respected him—but they made no concessions to him.

There also were times when Menachem adopted a more hawkish stance.  He worked against the Schalit Deal with me in my capacity as head of Almagor, both in talks with politicians and with prayers.  When the deal did go through, he took it hard.

So where did his goodheartedness and daring make a difference?  Among Jews.  Menachem's approach brought to Judaism the young, the estranged, people from one end of the ideological spectrum to the other.

At his funeral, Yehuda Etzion, one of the heads of the Jewish Underground and a leader of Gush Emunim, stood side-by-side with Naftali Raz of Peace Now, who was heard to join in the singing of "A Woman of Valor," which Menachem had instructed be sung at his funeral as a final thank-you to his wife, Hadassa.  At the words "Her children rise up and praise her," the assembled joined his children in applause for their mother as they shouted "bravo" mid-verse.

At how many funerals have we seen a husband being lowered into his grave leave a final song to his wife, thanking her for all her long, loyal years with him?  For one who knew Menachem, it stands to reason that it was the practice at his home every Friday night to shout "bravo" for his wife: one of many novel customs that he instituted in Tekoa.

Another was to pause prayers in the synagogue for whatever comments, dancing, and hand motions came to his ever-active mind and warm heart in his very personal relationship with God.

Odd, you say?  Strange?  Menachem wouldn't have cared.  He'd have dismissed you as "meshuga."  Menachem transcended all that.

And what about some dignity?

That came in the form of a kind of eccentric, theatrical costume that he made out of white robes and a white shtreimel.

Theatrical, you say?  So what?  Who said it's not appropriate to put on some theater for God and his people?  You want us to be serious all the time?  He is our father, after all.

Menachem made it legitimate for young people to experience both rises and falls in their personal and religious lives.  As one of them said to me, "His brand of religiosity allowed us, the second generation of settlers, to connect.  We became his chassidim and he became our rebbe: the rebbe of Tekoa!"

So it was that last Hoshana Rabba eve, the Tekoa basketball court filled with thousands of national-religious and formerly religious Israelis of various stripes and all jumped around energetically along with him and his music stars, roaring, clapping, jumping, as Menachem moved about contentedly on the stage.

At first I thought these were just a bunch of young people who had come to hear Jewish rock, enjoying themselves with the eccentrically dressed dear rabbi as he took hold of the microphone and put on a show.  As a casual acquaintance of Menachem's, I was somewhat embarrassed for him, until it became clear to me and my wife, whose family we were going to meet, that these were his followers.  A community had sprung up around him.  He had become the leader of a certain sector of the Tekoa-going religious youth.

But not only the religious.

On the way back from the funeral, at which hours of songs full of joy accompanied the rabbi to his grave, a young woman from the high-tech industry remarked to me that she is not religious, but she and many others like her came to Tekoa to spend long nights studying the Zohar with Rabbi Menachem.

"Nu, and you understood what he was teaching?"

"No," she said, "we came to learn from his happiness and excitement."

Menachem had his own special way of bringing the masses closer to God.  He also bequeathed a peculiar but modest style of dress to his followers.  Joining the hundreds of cars parked in the wadi on the way back from Tekoa, we saw young couples with baby carriers, the husbands in costumes they had brought back from India, and the wives modestly dressed from head to toe, with colorful Indian pashminas covering their hair, returning home after paying their final respects to their spiritual mentor.

Lt.-Col. (ret.) Meir Indor is the CEO of the Almagor Terror Victims Association.
Parts of this article were first published in Makor Rishon (print edition)
Translated from Hebrew by David B. Greenberg

06 מרץ, 2013

Gush Katif Museum Dinner - pls fw to friends in New York - really important for them to come and bring others

This SATURDAY NIGHT, MARCH 9: the New York dinner
for Jerusalem's GUSH KATIF MUSEUM
Please help ensure that indeed we get a large crowd.  We are counting on you!
The members of the Dinner Committee ask that you please join them at the Dinner.
Dr. Paul Brody, Committee Chairman
Rabbi Elie Abadi, The Edmond Safra Synagogue
Rabbi Pesach Lerner, Executive Vice President Emeritus, Young Israel
Rabbi Yoel Schonfeld, Young Israel Kew Gardens Hills, NY
Mr. Eugen Gluck, Founder and Chief Supporter Bet El
Mrs. Naomi Klass Mauer, Publisher of the Jewish Press
Mr. Larry Gordon, The Five Towns Jewish Times
Mrs. Odelia Jacobs, Int'l Committee for the Land of Israel
Mrs. Robin Ticker, Activist Eretz Yisroel, Blogger
Dr. Alan Berger, Activist, Englewood, NJ
Dr. and Mrs. Michoel Friend, Crown Heights, Brooklyn, NY
Mr. Mark Langfan, Creator 3-D Topographic Maps of Israel
Mrs. Aliza Karp, Author "Banished"
Mrs. Sarah Lehmann, Freelance writer and editor
Mr. Mark Langfan
Saturday night, March 9, 8 PM, at the Razag Ballroom, 739 East New York Avenue.
Museum dinner committee: 718-208-1770. Email Dinner@GushKatifMuseum.org, or see www.gushkatifmuseum.org.
Guests of Honor:
Rabbi Shalom Ber Drizin - The Renowned philanthropist
Rabbi David Algaze 
Assemblyman Dov Hikind
Mrs. Helen Freedman
Dr. Joseph Frager
Rabbi Shalom Dov Wolpo - President, Founder Gush Katf Museum
Guest Speakers:
Keynote Speaker:  Mike Huckabee - Former Governor of Arkansas, has personally toured the museum
Rabbi Yaakov Y. Jacobson on behalf of the Rabbis of Crown Heights Synagogues
Mrs. Rivka Goldschmidt, Refugee Gush Katif
From Robin Ticker: "This Dinner is not just another Dinner.  We are not illegal occupiers of Judea and Samaria!  This is Our Land.  It is the Promised Land, promised to the chlidren of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, the Jews of today!  Netanyahu and his advisors have forgotten their Jewish identity.  Perhaps it's understandable to be forgetful of there is a gun pointing in your direction. We the Jewish people must remind ourselves who we are and G-d's Covenant and Promise with our people.  If they destroy more homes will we be able to look ourselves in the mirror and say,  I had no part in this and yes I tried to stop it from happenng.  Al Taamod al Dam Reyacha. Those who Bless Israel will be Blessed!
From Gush Katif Museum Dinner Committee"LARGE CROWD EXPECTED AT GUSH KATIF MUSEUM EVENT, SATURDAY NIGHT, MARCH 9, TO PROTEST FURTHER EXPULSION PLANS DEMANDED BY OBAMA. Ahead of Obama's upcoming visit, rumblings of "withdrawal of Jews" from Judea and Samaria, "expulsions" and "unilateral steps" are heard once again. The appointments of Hagel and Kerry and the nomination of Brennan should send a clear warning to Israel and Diaspora Jews that Obama does not "have Israel's back". The upcoming dinner to benefit the Gush Katif Museum in Jerusalem will be an opportunity to protest any surrender of Jewish land and to demonstrate solidarity on behalf of a whole Israel – Yisrael HaShlaima. The expulsion from Gush Katif is the clearest evidence that land surrendered by Israel will be used for the purpose of creating an additional space from which to spread terror to innocent civilians and ultimately to weaken and dominate Europe and the US. A visit to this museum serves as a powerful educational tool to any visitor and coveys the message that the policy of surrendering land to people who continue to engage and abet terror is folly. The purpose of the Museum is to preserve the story of the horrors of the expulsion from Gush Katif for the specific purpose of declaring NEVER AGAIN!. Yet, demolitions have happened since and threaten to continue. We must protest against any such actions. A strong showing will send a strong message to PM Netanyahu that Diaspora Jews and Christians will fight demolition decrees and continue to stand up for our rightful claim to our Biblical Homeland."
Saturday night, March 9, 8 PM, at the Razag Ballroom, 739 East New York Avenue.
Museum dinner committee: 718-208-1770. Email Dinner@GushKatifMuseum.org, or see www.gushkatifmuseum.org.

מחוות לאובמה - בעברית פשוטה, סכנות חדשות עבורנו הישראלים

דיווח חשוב וחמור  באדיות אלכס פישמן, ידיעות אחרונות

05 מרץ, 2013

חברתנו רותי איצקוביץ מהון השרון כתבה ספר 'תכלית ראויה' להורדה מהאינטרנט

 ידידים ומכותבים,  שלום רב
ספרי 'תכלית ראויה'  - עניינו ההכנה המנטאלית אשר נערכה ל-40,000 חיילי צה"ל לצורך ביצוע פשע הניקוי האתני בשנת תשס"ה, גירוש כ-10,000 יהודים מגוש קטיף וצפון השומרון.
לפני כמה חודשים אזל מלאי הספר המודפס (כ-600 עותקים), ובמקום להדפיס עוד החלטתי לפרסמו באתר הספר .

כל אדם מורשה להפיצו ולעשות בו שימוש. אין עליו זכויות יוצרים, למעֵט זכויותיהם של האמן אהרון שבו על עיצוב כריכת הספר, ושל הצלמת מירי צחי על הצילומים
גם  ניתנת בזה זכות לכל מאן דבעי  להמיר את הספר לספר אלקטרוני (E-book), שיאפשר קריאה בטאבלט ובאמצעים אחרים המאפשרים זאת, בתנאי אחד: לא ישונה בו דבר. 

משום הנושא הכאוב, לא אוכל לאחל קריאה מהנה... 
הפיצו מייל זה לידידיכם על ימין ועל שמאל.

רותי איזיקוביץ - הוד השרון

אפליה, מתנדבים, אובמה Volunteers & Obama


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* מתנדבים למחקר אינטרנט (חיפוש מידע באינטרנט, מדי פעם בזמנכם החופשי)

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ביקור אובמה

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* Graphic artists

* Russian speakers (including reading and writing)

* Internet researchers

Please contact mattot.arim@gmail.com if you can help. Indicate full name, city of residence, cellphone & a little about yourself.

Thanks very much in advance from Mattot Arim - working toward peace-for-peace and for Eretz Yisrael, since 1992.



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OBAMA IS COMING! Can we get our message to him?

We need to IMMEDIATELY reserve a Jerusalem Post ad to remind Obama that Palestinian state is not our favorite idea around here.
If you can donate 250 NIS and up to the ad's cost, please IMMEDIATELY send your cheque made out to Jerusalem Post
to   Susie Dym, spokesperson for Mattot Arim, 7 Melzer Street Rehovot 76285.
Please let us know (mattot.arim@gmail.com; and sddym@bezeqint.net )  URGENTLY that your gift is on the way
so that we can reserve space in the paper, preferably on the days that Obama is here. 
Thank you very much! from Mattot Arim.
PS Please notify your friends you are making a contribution - maybe they will be good sports and follow your good example!!
Congressional portrait of President Barack Obama.

טיול פסח - פנו לחברנו מיכאל היימן Pesach Day-tour - contact our Michael Heymann

הקרן לאדמות ישראל - טיול פסח

בטיול הרכוב נבקר בE1, אזור שכולם מדברים עליו בין ירושלים למעלה אדומים.

נבקר בקברו של שמעון הצדיק ונפגש עם החלוצים שגרים בשכונת שמעון הצדיק ונחלת שמעון.

נפקוד את שדה התעופה הבינלאומי בעטרות, שנטוש מאז 2000 – תקופת ממשלת ברק.

נבקר את חלוצי ההתישבות בבית חנינא, בית צפאפא, שער המזרח, נחלת שמעון ועוד...

יום ד'  27 במרס 10:00 – 14:00

יוצאים וחוזרים לביניני האומה – מחיר 60 ש"ח - הזמינו היום – המקומות מוגבלים

office@israellandfund.com - www.israellandfund.com - אנשי קשריואל או מייקל - 026223195  

Israel Land Fund - Pesach Tiyul

Bus trip to E1 – - the  location everyone is talking about between Jerusalem and Ma'aleh Adumim. Hear why E1 is necessary for Jerusalem's future and about international pressure regarding the issue.

We will visit Shimon ha'Tzadik's tomb and the pioneering Jews who live in the Shimon ha'Tzadik neighborhood and Nachalat Shimon.

International airport at Atarot, abandoned since the year 2000  during Ehud Barak's government – visit the terminal and runway.

Visit the pioneers of settlement in east Jerusalem:  Beit Hanina, Beit Tzafafa, Sha'ar ha'Mizrach, Nachalat Shimon and more…

Wed., March 27th , in English: 14:00 – 18:00

Leaving from and returning to Binyanei ha'Uma – Price 60 shekels – order today: Yoel or Michael – 02-6223195 - www.israellandfund.comoffice@israellandfund.com


אובמה מגיע!! התוכל לעזור?

Congressional portrait of President Barack Obama.
תנועת מטות ערים מעוניינת לפרסם מודעת
לא למדינה פלשתינית
(או תוכן מדיני דומה לכך) בעיתונות באנגלית
לקראת ביקורו של אובמה
דרושים כמה אלפי שקלים - ננסה לאסוף
מי שמוכן לתרום לפחות 200 ש"ח
אנא!! כיתבו המחאה לפקודת
ושגרו מייד אלינו: מטות ערים, לידי סוזי דים, מלצר 7 רחובות 76285
אנא עדכנו במייל אל
 ששלחתם המחאה ומה היה הסכום + מספר טלפון נייד
הנושא דחוף מאד כי צריך כבר עתה להזמין מקום בעיתון - תודה רבה

04 מרץ, 2013

תושבי רעננה נוסעים לחברון - המארגן אילן הירשפלד ממקימי מטות ערים

תושבי רעננה נוסעים לחברון

ביום ג 12.3, ראש חודש ניסן

 תפילת שחרית במערת המכפלה

ארוחת בוקר חגיגית

*סיור וברכת האילנות *

Tuesday March 12th

הסעה באוטובוס ממוגן מבנין יד-לבנים ברעננה

בשעה 6:00 בבוקר חזרה ב-14:00 בקירוב

להזמנת מקומות:

טל': 7746129 09: 052-7791357

מחיר 110 ש"ח