16 יולי, 2012

Selected articles on the disastrous Palestinian State notion - responding to embarrassing Lauder ad on the subject

An Elephant in the Room that No-One Sees
by William Gerber, responding to Lauder's promotion of the Palestinian state notion

The Palestinian Authority, currently in control of Areas A, B, and parts of C[which was designated Israeli contolled  by the internationally-accepted Oslo Accords, is the Fourth Reich.
Are you aware what their goals are, that there is no rule of law, that their police[army, American-trained] are involved in terror and are controlling pettylocal crime only.
No rule of law, no right and wrong, murder sanctioned and encouraged, conviction and death penalty for property sales to Jews, the murder and eviction of most Christians,  and enacting take-over of Israel-all ofwhich they consider " settlements", that it become Juden-rein.
Not everyone is bad, there are good people, i work with some of them, but the government, stealing foreign aid by the millions daily, is evil. Does not matter if PLO or Hamas, goals and methods are the same. Wording in English different, in Arabic, the same.
Dont"t be fooled. In fact the PLO interest is not in Judea and Samaria, it is in the whole of Israel. They even speak and act on this program, but it appears that almost no one wants to listen. there is an elephant in the room, and almost no one sees him- he is the elephant of hatred and destruction of the Jews.
Mr. Lauder, who has so much to advance higher education in Europe for young Jews, how have you too been fooled?

Did Arutz Sheva sell its soul?
By Edith Ognall, Netanya
A Palestinian State was legitimized by Prime Minister Netanyahu for what purpose, only he knows, or perhaps he doesn't know.   When you have spent so much time crawling and grovelling to your enemies and so called friends, it probably becomes impossible to tell right from wrong.
A State for a made up people called Palestinians can only be seen by any responsible person, as a death warrant to Israelis and the Jewish State.   The nonsense talked by Netanyahu about such a state being demilitarized is just that, nonsense and dangerous nonsense at that.   Who would stop the PA from militarizing their state. Even now they have a well equipped American trained army, better known as 'police', numbering some 40,000 which managed to grow with Israel's consent from 600.  We even have Netanyahu willing to negotiate a loan for our enemies which of course at the end of the day would be paid for by us, the people.  This is madness.   When and I don't say if, they would attack us, who would come to our aid, who would not condemn us for retaliating.  
Our International Airport Ben Gurion would be in their sights so that nothing from the outside world would dare to take the chance of landing here.   We would be isolated in every sense of the word, with no options to protect ourselves, having given up all our strategic assets and living in what has been called the Aushwitz Borders.   It would be hello Palestine and goodbye Israel and the Jewish People, both here and in Chutz La'Aretz.   Whether Diaspora Jews want to believe it, is irrelevant, but without the State of Israel and what it was mean to stand for, they will be as nothing more than the Jew without a Home and maligned and humiliated by all and sundry.  
We still have options and we still have Leaders prepared to stand up for our rights and the justness of our cause.   We still have leaders who are not afraid to say that this is the Home of the Jewish People as given to us not only by the Balfour Declaration, the Peel Commission and the San Remo Conference but most importantly by the God of Israel who promised Eretz Yisrael to our Forefathers, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, in perpetuity with no clause that would enable any part of it to be given up.   We have been fighting for our existence in this Land since before any 'settlements' were established, when the Arabs massacred unarmed men, women and children, in the most barbaric ways imaginable, in Hevron, 1929 and it has been going on since.   We have given up Land and forcibly removed Jews from their homes in order to try to satisfy a very hostile gentile world and our enemies at home.   Unfortunately every concession has been met with ridicule, humiliation and demands for more.  
Who can blame them when they see how easily we give up what we say is our Historic and Legal Land, when we hand over to our enemies the control of our Holy Sites where Jews are humiliated both by our own police/soldiers and the Wakf with whom they side.   A Jew is unable to move their lips because it upsets the Muslims, A Jew is not allowed to even look at a piece of paper in case in might contain a prayer because it upsets the Muslims, A Jew is treated like a leper in order to keep our enemies happy.  This is the behaviour of very insecure and frightened people..   If that is the way things are now, what will it be like when there is a 'Palestinian' state.   Does not bear thinking of.    We have to vote out Netanyahu and all his left wing government and instead vote for those who truly believe in God's purpose for us in this Land, who truly believe in themselves and who truly believe in the Jewish People.   Am Yisrael Chai.
Mr. Lauder, How do I Begin to Explain?
by Chava Goldman,  Jerusalem

How do I begin to explain my opposition to the long-proposed Palestinian state on land far longer-acknowledged and -designated for Israel and the Jewish People?

First, if there is such a people as the Palestinians, I would have to ask, why does their state have to be exactly on land Israel sits on? Can it not be somewhere else? After all, it has been suggested that we Jews — who demonstrate our people-hood, have a specific land according to the record of world history, and have been persecuted for millennia precisely as a people — take up any of several lands, or parts of them: Uganda, Alaska, Madagascar...even Birobidzhan, a part of the former Soviet Union was offered as an autonomous region by none other than Josef Stalin! We refused all the offers because, in the end, none of these places were home. This place, where Israel currently sits, including much of its surrounding area, is.

For emphasis and example, I include a link to a page that summarizes the brief history of Birobidzhan, the only alternative Jewish state that was attempted, even before the State of Israel was declared. Since its subsequent destruction at the hands of the one who proposed it, I believe I speak for all of us Jews when I state that we would be disinclined, to say the least, to repeat the experience anywhere else.

The Arabs who call themselves Palestinians could say much the same, except that they have never attempted their state anywhere else. They would refuse all other offers because no other place provides them the opportunity to do what they want most: Rid the world of the Jewish nation.

You see, if they had their way it would not matter whether the claims Israel presents to the lands of Judea and Samaria — or any other part of Israel, for that matter — are valid or not. But apparently the Arabs know, in the back of their minds, that our claim is valid indeed, which explains their attempt to get in by the back door, through sneakiness, bribery and murder, through taqiyyah, hudna and other such Muslim concepts.

I refuse to discuss or respond to accusations that the Jews are trying to do away with the Arabs as well. All of these have proved to be nothing but libel, slander and so much dust in the wind. Our accusers have been effective in convincing the world of their "truth" because they use deceptive words and pictures to do so, they refuse to allow air time and print space for all but the most meaningless opposing commentary and opinion, and the holders of the microphones and cameras do not question them, even when irrefutable proof has been presented. As a result, organizations have formed to expose the lies flung at Israel every day. We got the message: If you can't get air time or print space, make your own.
Throwing your wealth behind the losing team:  Quite a number of rich men and nations have given millions, even billions of dollars, goods and services to help the Arabs create the Palestinian state. So far,  because most of the donations are distributed among government favorites and not used for the people's benefit, because of infighting and because they cannot sit down at a negotiating table with us for long, or even refrain from voicing and demonstrating blind Jew-hatred, these efforts have not succeeded. You can continue to pour good money after bad if you want, but if I had your funds, I would not continue to increase my stake in that direction. Should you decide to, my guess is that the Creator of the universe is leading you and your peers to pour the wealth He entrusted to you into the Falastin sewer just to show the inhabitants of our common globe how even the most terrifying weaponry, the media's most persuasive speech, the largest protests in all the public squares of the whole world and the support of its most affluent men and governments cannot erase what He wants established in the world. Do you still want to throw your weight behind the losing team? I only ask that if a state is eventually carved out for the Palestinians in this world, that it be on proven Arab territory - their homeland. It might just work out better for you, as well as for the rest of us.
The Zionist that you claim to be: letter to Ron Lauder regarding his Palestinian State initiative
by Malka Hillel-Shulewitz
Dear Mr. Lauder, permit me to introduce myself as an immigrant from England to Israel.
One of my many motivations was the fact that my late grand-father,
Ya'akov Shlomo Hillel z"l brought 42 families from Yassi in Romania
to the Eastern Golan Heights in 1896.  At that time, the Ottomans
ruled (the area was "given" to Syria much later).  The area was
totally barren.  My grand-father had sold his prosperous leather
business and invested part of the money in agricultural equipment.
They expected to make the barren land blossom as his elder brother,
Naftoly Hillel, had done in what became Rishon L'Zion.  However,
they were not allowed to reach the land they had purchased legally
and had to travel a three-day journey to Rosh Pina (today, one hour)
through the equally barren Galil where they nearly perished from thirst
(no roads,no water and no Arabs.  Where did the Arabs now populating the
Lower Galil and, with Saudi money, now trying to buy the Upper Galil,
all come from?) 
My grand-father lost everything he had because of his love for the
Land of Israel.  He eventually settled in London, where he could have
gone in the first place with the money he had.  I was born in London
two generations later and had the privilege of being the first Hillel
to return to the Land of Israel.
Just as the Galil was barren, so was the so-called West Bank, or
Judea and Samaria as it is known in the Bible and the term used by
the British.  In 19 years of illegal Jordanian rule between 1948 and 1967,
no effort was made by the Palestinians to declare a state, neither was
there any publicity from pro-Palestinians, as you have apparently become.
On the contrary, there was a large emigration from the area to the East
Bank (Jordan) and beyond.  I spoke to a man who had a pharmaceutical
factory in Nablus in 1968, and he virtually cursed the late King Hussein
for only developing the East Bank, hence the emigration (see Bank of
Israel reports for those years for confirmation).
I can't believe that you would have preferred to see the Arabs wipe us
out during the 1967 war of aggression against us.  That is what they
intended to do so soon after the Holocaust and after Jews from Arab
Lands - our most ancient diaspora - were expelled, following pogroms
and the stealing of all their property.  The majority found a safe have
in Israel. Should they be uprooted again?
I challenge you - Zionist that you claim to be - to stand on one of the heights
of the Shomron from which you can see Israel's coast, including its main
industrial areas and its only international airport.  Arab terrorists could wipe
the coast out in a matter of minutes using only the Katyushas they are firing
into our Negev every day.  I cannot believe that you want to destroy Israel.
In any case, tell me where a (genocidal) aggressor has been awarded by the
nation defending itself with the territory it lost in its aggression.
Think again, Mr. Lauder.  Yours sincerely, MALKA HILLEL-SHULEWITZ 

Absurd Ad in Trusty Arutz Sheva
by Helen Freedman, New York City
         It is extraordinary that Arutz Sheva would contradict all its positions and its driving mandate for a whole Israel by accepting the preposterous Lauder ad.
        All honest, sane, non-suicidal people recognize the dangerous deceptions behind the call for a two state solution.
        There is absolutely no starting point for talks with the Arabs while they still call for Israel's destruction. And the idea of giving away Jewish biblically promised land is completely offensive and erroneous. 
        We understand that paid advertisements are necessary for a business to remain viable.
        But we would hope that especially in the case of a trusted entity like Arutz Sheva, there would be a line that could not, and would not be crossed.
Palestinian State: How Exactly Would That Be Good for Anyone But the Terrorists? 
By Deborah Bach, Haifa

So Ron Lauder wants a Palestinian State in Yehuda and Shomron.  How exactly would that be good for anyone other than the terrorists?  The truth is that I think that the Palestinians already DO have a State in Yehuda and Shomron.   What exactly are they missing?  An army?  Why would they need an army?  I can only think of four possible answers. One, to fight Jordan. Two, to push Israel into the sea. Three, to evacuate Palestinians from their homes.  Four, to evacuate Jews from their homes (similar to number two, but let's suppose this only refers to Jews in Yehuda and Shomron). 
Or are they missing recognition in the U.N.?  What exactly would that get them that they don't have today?  Nothing significant. The real truth that most Palestinians know and many Arabs in Israel and elsewhere in the world know and most Israelis know is that what the Palestinians need is an excuse, a scapegoat.  I would think that an intelligent man like Mr. Lauder would know that any corrupt, selfish government that wants to maintain power needs that.  Otherwise, they have to do real soul-searching and work really hard to provide a system of government that gives their people hope and progress, because with Israel in their midst the Palestinians know these things are possible and naturally want these things for themselves.  You know what? They deserve hope and progress.  
Fairy tales and the nose in front of his face: When Mr. Lauder is ready to see the nose in front of his face instead of believing in fairy tales, maybe he'll have something real to contribute to peace.  I don't believe in fairy tales.