21 פברואר, 2012

Lieberman Please Help ליברמן -- בבקשה לעזור


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Lieberman Please Help                                                                       ליברמן -- בבקשה לעזור


מכתב פתוח לשר ליברמן:


השר ליברמן -- בבקשה לעזור לציבור

בכבישים - ערבים מתפרעים נגד יהודים. ישר הרבה דוגמאות.

משרד המשטרה- שבידי המפלגה שלך - בינתיים לא עושה כלום ובטח לא עושה מספיק. אין שום שיפור - ההפך.

בבקשה לעשות משהו דחוף לשיפור המצב - לפני שנהרגים יהודים.

תודה רבה, אזרח מודאג (שם מלא)


ניתן להעביר את המייל, אם או בלי הדוגמאות להלן, ישר לשר ליברמן. הכתובות הם: sar@mfa.gov.il,aliberman@knesset.gov.il;  .

רצוי לשלוח עותק אל dazulay@knesset.gov.il – דוד אזולאי, יו"ר הוועדה המיוחדת לפניות הציבור http://www.knesset.gov.il/committees/heb/vaada.asp?vaada=19


דוגמאות למה למה שקורה:


לינץ בעובדי משרד הבטחון



ערבים תוקפים נשים שנוהגות לבד



לינץ נגד אדמו"ר חרדי



בלוקים ואבנים כשמשפחת יערי מקריית מלאכי נסעה לאזכרה בהר הזיתים



"האבן היתה יכולה להרוג אותי"



ילדה נפצעה מיידוי אבנים ליד כרמיאל



2 פצועים קל מיידוי אבנים לעבר רכבים ישראלים בעוקף שכם דרום

16 פברואר 2012



רדיו קול-חי: אבנים ייודו סמוך לביתר עלי"ת

02/02/2012  http://www.93fm.co.il/radio/9511/%D7%90%D7%91%D7%A0%D7%99%D7%9D-%D7%99%D7%99%D7%95%D7%93%D7%95-%D7%A1%D7%9E%D7%95%D7%9A-%D7%9C%D7%91%D7%99%D7%AA%D7%A8-%D7%A2%D7%9C%D7%99%D7%AA/


גל"צ: פלסטינים יידו אבנים לעבר רכב ישראלי, אין נפגעים




This entire email is full of links showing recent Arab attacks on Jews, on Israeli roads. Please can you forward this entire email to Avigdor Liberman, head of Yisrael Beytenu party.

The Ministry of Police is in the hands of one of Mr. Liberman's ministers! Mr. Liberman needs to quickly get together his people and do something about this terrible situation.

Forward to:  sar@mfa.gov.il, aliberman@knesset.gov.il. Preferably cc the following: dazulay@knesset.gov.il.


Links to recent examples of Arab attacks on Jews, on Israeli roads:



Yet Another Carjacking: 'Arabs Targeting Women'

First Publish: 2/20/2012, 11:46 AM



Two Jews Nearly Lynched in Jerusalem

Two civilian employees of the Defense Ministry are recovering from a near lynch attempt on Monday.

The two were traveling to Mount Scopus in Jerusalem when Arab youths began throwing rocks at them.

At one point the rock throwers slammed a large stone into the windshield. The rock struck the driver, Yehuda Attias, in the head. Attias was since hospitalized several times because of the severe head injuries.

In recent months, Arabs have attacked Jewish motorists with rocks, in what is starting to again become a common phenomenon on the roads of Judea and Samaria, as it was in the days of the 2002 Second Intifada.



US Cops Witness Ineptitude on Terror

A group of U.S. law enforcement professionals witnessed feebleness by Israeli security forces against Arab terror at the Mount of Olives Cemetery.

Kahlberg:  I heard glass shattering behind me. Instinctively I went to the parking lot – and I saw two Jewish guys – one in his 70s, and the other in his 60s, their car has been smashed and one of them is bleeding."

Police were slow to respond to his call. There is no permanent police presence at the holy site despite the almost routine attacks on Jews there.

"Attacks at the cemetery are ongoing and it doesn't matter how many cameras are there," he said. "There has to be something proactive over there. It needs to stop."

Kahlberg is a former Israeli police officer and spokesman.

Smashed car. Marc Kahlberg

The victims. Marc Kahlberg


From: Ehud Thursday, February 16, 2012 9:28 PM

Subject: A serious event that happened tonight



90 minutes ago (around 8 pm, 16 Feb 2012), a good friend of mine, Julie, that leave in Neve Daniel, drove near Beitar. A stone was throne at her car, and the window blast. She called the Army, and they told her they are not interested in the case. UNBELIEVABLE! She called the Police, and they told her its approximately case number 100 this week. Make sure that the relevant people will get the right awareness and hopefully will act to change things. Todah, Ehud. Engineer. Petach Tikva.


From: Julie Sent: Thursday, February 16, 2012 10:42 PM


At 7:35 I was driving to Beitar from Neve Daniel and was surprised by a rock that hit my car and the window smashed. I  kept driving till the gate of Beitar and stopped to tell the Shomer. He did not even get out to see if I was Ok.  I pulled over. He called the moked who barely asked whether I was ok and then told me to go to the police - we don't need to see you.  The Police told me the same thing.  The fact that I could've been traumatized and unable to drive didn't occur to anyone - how would they feel without their weapons being attacked by a deadly weapon.  When I asked them whether they were coming they said no.  When I expressed surprise that they weren't coming (somewhat hysterically) they put the phone down on me.  I then called the police, by then I was sobbing, who also didn't bother to send anyone. (whereas ravshatz from Neve Daniel called and asked if I needed him to come and get me....).

I am horrified by this lack of concern. In Beitar there were numerous attacks on that road in the last week  (near Husan).  On the way home I did not see one army jeep or police car  1/2 an hour later, nor 20 minutes after that, when my dentist (also from Neve Daniel) drove back.  We both thought that was odd  - to say the least. This is the second time I was hit by a rock recently - the last night of Chanukah we were hit by a rock. Missed my daughter's head by about 10 cm. My daughter is 3 1/2.


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