31 יולי, 2014

About UNRWA, from a friend of Israel in Canada: “What? There are renovations going on down there? I didn’t know!"

Adapted from an email message by  Paul Rotenberg, pro-Israel activist in Canada


The report about UNRWA in Gaza, below, strikes me as particularly egregious because there was a tunnel. 


You cannot even put bombs in a building without the people in the building knowing about it. But much more so, you cannot dig and build a long tunnel, a concrete structure in a building, without those in the building knowing full well what is going on.


Can you imagine in your house, "What? There are renovations going on down there? I didn't know! So that is what tons of concrete were used for."  Did they think someone was making a swimming pool, or several swimming pools? 


I think it is time to start a campaign to get the UN out of Gaza.  It is absolutely clear that they are not there for peaceful purposes, they are there to harm Israel and that is not their mandate. I think we need to move on this as quickly as possible, take it to the media, to our parliamentary representatives and most importantly, to our community.





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