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Jerusalem Post's senior commentator is a salaried leftwing intellectual (Shalom Hartman Institute research fellow i.e.)

Jerusalem Post's senior commentator is a salaried leftwing intellectual (Shalom Hartman Institute  research fellow i.e.) who insists on defining his column as centrist

Amotz Asa-El is a research fellow at Shalom Hartman Institute and the Jerusalem Post's senior commentator….Formerly the executive editor of the Jerusalem Post, Asa-El's column … has been running on Jpost.com since the Internet's inception in 1995….

Asa-El's column is entitled "Middle Israel". Wikipedia says that Asa-El's weekly column "Middle Israel" "aims to present in English the Israeli centrist's view". As such,  Asa-El has been quoted or published "by The New York Times,[11] The Washington Post,[12] The Wall Street Journal,[13] The Los Angeles Times,[14] BBC.com,[15] Politico,[16] USA Today,[17] Haaretz,[18] The Economist,[19] Time magazine,[20] The New Republic,[21] Le Figaro,[22] The Daily Telegraph,[23] L'Express,[24] AzureHarvard Political Review,[25] The AustralianThe Australian Financial ReviewJornal do BrasilThe Times of IndiaPolitiken", Wikipedia says.

In fact however,
 Asa-El is a Hartman intellectual i.e. is affiliated with the Israeli left, whereas "Middle Israel" (the Israeli centrist view) is in the right:
האנשים שמצהירים על עצמם שהם תומכי ימין – זינק לרוב אדיר של 62% מכלל הציבור היהודי בישראל

For further reading:

Amotz Asa-El - Wikipedia


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Does the UK's Labor party have its own Jewish cottage industry which manufactures anti-semitism?

Oped: Does the UK's Labor party have its own Jewish cottage industry which manufactures anti-semitism?

WARNING: Elections are coming up... 


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"*לא לתת דלק – בשום פנים ואופן!*"

ניצול קיבוץ בארי קורא לממשלת ישראל: "*לא לתת דלק – בשום פנים ואופן!*"
איתי שבאי, אב לתאומים, קורא לאמברגו דלק על עזה. הרי רק בעזרת הדלק, חמאס מספק חמצן למנהרות שמהם הוא תוקף את חיילי צה"ל.


עם ינון מגל - דקה 15



26 מאי, 2024

המצאת! המצאת! - זוכרים?

המצאת! המצאת! - זוכרים?


כעת, בדיקת מטות ערים עונה לשאלה מי המציא - האם נתניהו, או שמא לפיד עצמו.


כזכור, לפיד האשים את נתניהו ש"המציא" איומים מדינייים בנושא הקמת מדינה פלשתינית.


היות שלפיד הינו ראש האופוזיציה, האשמותיו (המצאת!! המצאת!!) פורסמו בווי-נט, מאקו, כאן11 ועוד. כעת, בדיקת מטות ערים מוצאת, כי נתניהו דווקא לא המציא - היה זה לפיד ש...המציא שנתניהו המציא....


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London police have practically given up

For those living in London, we have an almost weekly demonstration of a world in which the police have practically given up. Nearly every weekend, the streets of the capital are taken over by protests that proclaim their support for Hamas and Islamism while officers watch on.


14 מאי, 2024

מומחים - experts

Secretary of Defense, James V. Forrestal: "You fellows over at the White House are just not facing up to the realities in the Middle East. There are thirty million Arabs on one side and about six hundred thousand Jews on the other. It is clear that in any contest, the Arabs are going to overwhelm the Jews."



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זכות ותביעה

למדינת ישראל, כמדינת העם היהודי, יש זכות ותביעה לאזורים שמעמדם שנוי במחלוקת בארץ ישראל


דחיית החלטת העצרת הכללית של האומות המאוחדות מיום 29 בנובמבר 2012



לעם היהודי זכות טבעית, היסטורית וחוקית למולדתו ולבירתה הנצחית, ירושלים; למדינת ישראל, כמדינת העם היהודי, יש זכות ותביעה לאזורים שמעמדם שנוי במחלוקת בארץ ישראל.

על כן:


1. לדחות את החלטה מס. 67/191 של העצרת הכללית של האומות המאוחדות מיום 29 בנובמבר 2012.


2. לקבוע כי אין בהחלטה האמורה כדי לשנות את מעמד האזורים השנויים במחלוקת, אין בה כדי להקנות כל זכות ואין בה כדי לגרוע מזכויות כלשהן של מדינת ישראל והעם היהודי בארץ ישראל.


3. לקבוע כי ההחלטה האמורה לא תהווה בסיס למשא ומתן עתידי, ואין בה כדי לקדם פיתרון בדרכי שלום.




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הרב זקס מטיף להקמת מדינה פלשתינית Rabbi Sacks demands Israel should establish a Palestinian state

7. Palestinians I believe that the Palestinians should have a state. So do the overwhelming majority of Israelis. I believe that they should have freedom and dignity; that their children should have a future; that there should be an end to the terrible suffering that has existed since 29 September 2000 because of the collapse of the peace process. Their fate has been a tragic one, and no one with the slightest humanitarian instincts could wish it to continue. Jews did not return home to deny others a home. That was neither the intent of the early settlers, nor the language of the Balfour Declaration or the United Nations resolution. The tragedy is that Israelis can understand the plight of the Palestinians better than any other people on earth. They know what it is to eat the bread of affliction and the bitter herbs of suffering. They know that Jews are commanded to love the stranger. The Writings and Philosophy of Rabbi Sacks z"l www.alexisrael.org 5 The broad shape of a solution to the problem of Israel and the Palestinians has never been in doubt. It was implicit in the Balfour Declaration in 1917, explicit in the 1947 United Nations resolution on partition… two states for two peoples, a political solution to a political problem. As Shimon Peres said when someone asked him whether he could see light at the end of the tunnel: 'I can see the light. The problem is, there is no tunnel. The solution is clear. The question has always been how to get from here to there. … A fundamental falsehood permeates almost every discussion of the Israel-Palestine conflict, namely that it is a zero-sum game in which one side loses and the other side wins. That is precisely what it is not. From peace both sides gain. From violence both sides suffer. That is why not only Israelis, but also those who genuinely care for the Palestinians and for their children's right to a future, must give their support to peace. (pg.150-151)


For months before Yitzhak Rabin died the warning lights were flashing. The positions taken were growing more extreme. We began to hear the rhetoric of hate. And what was worst of all, some of those voices were religious voices, and what they said, and what they led to, make me hang my head in shame. As Chief Rabbi I solemnly say: the Judaism I love is not a religion that teaches people to hate one another, that excuses violence, that expresses disdain for the rule of law. 

הרב זקס מגנה דתיים בישראל אשר גרמו לו להתבייש



Never ever be embarrassed about being a Jew. Our people has survived so long and contributed so much, that you should see being Jewish as an honour and a responsibility.

Non-Jews respect Jews who respect Judaism. They are embarrassed by Jews who are embarrassed by Judaism.

The righteous see the good in people; the self-righteous see the bad. The righteous make you feel bigger; the self-righteous make you feel small. The righteous praise; the self-righteous criticise. The righteous are generous; the self-righteous, grudging and judgmental.

Once you know the difference, keep far from the self-righteous, who come in all forms, right and left, religious and secular.



Tue 27 Aug 2002 02.14 BST

Britain's chief rabbi, Jonathan Sacks, today delivers an unprecedentedly strong warning to Israel, arguing that the country is adopting a stance "incompatible" with the deepest ideals of Judaism.


He goes on to speak of being "profoundly shocked" at the recent reports of smiling Israeli servicemen posing for a photograph with the corpse of a slain Palestinian.


He also admits that in 1967 he was "convinced that Israel had to give back all the [newly-gained] land for the sake of peace" - and he does not renounce that view now.


Immanuel Jakobovits condemned Israel for "lording it over" the Palestinians.


Sacks says he would even sit down with Sheikh Abu Hamza - who admits to sharing the views of Osama bin Laden. Yesterday the sheikh was quoted saying it was "OK" to kill non-Muslims, and equating Jews with Satan.


Nevertheless, Prof Sacks says a meeting between the two is "a thought worth pursuing. I absolutely don't rule it out."


The chief rabbi, 54, also reveals that he has already met one of Iran's highest-ranking clerics, Ayatollah Abdullah Javadi-Amoli. "We established within minutes a common language", says Prof Sacks, the "particular language believers share."




30 אפריל, 2024

אמנות בינלאומיות - בעייתיות עבור ישראל. תזכורת 2018 - חשיפת מטות ערים

נוכח פרשה עכשווית מינורית (יחסית) באשר לאמנה בינ"ל בנושא בריאות/מגיפות –

אנו מזכירים את פרשת האמנה הבינ"ל בנושא מהגרים – פרשה הרבה יותר חמורה שהתרחשה ב-2018. באותה פרשה, למרות שארה"ב התנגדה לאמנה הקיצונית, פקידי משרד החוץ פעלו על דעת עצמם לטובת האמנה – בלי לטרוח לפנות לדרג המדיני כדי להתעניין שמא דעתם אחרת ומבלי לעדכן באשר לעמדת ארה"ב ובאשר לפועלם של אותם פקידים בניגוד לעמדת ארה"ב (ובניגוד לאינטרסים של ישראל כמדינת העם היהודי).

ב-2018, הפרשה החמורה נחשפה בשפה העברית לראשונה ע"י "מטות ערים" -- בעקבות פרסומים בלועזית שהגיעו אלינו.  


לאחר מכן, טיפלו עיתונאי בכיר, אריאל כהנא, ותחקירן בכיר, עקיבא ביגמן  


וישראל היום


ויו"ר ועדת כנסת ח"כ יואב קיש – כיום שר בממשלתי ישראל.


וראש ממשלת ישראל הבהיר בקולו, שהאמנה לא תיחתם חרף עמדת פקידי משרד החוץ שהחליטו על דעת עצמם אחרת.

תמיד לשירותכם, מטות ערים

28 אפריל, 2024

*אחיו של החטוף בסרטון: "לחימה ברפיח תחזיר את החטופים"*

*אחיו של החטוף בסרטון: "לחימה ברפיח תחזיר את החטופים"*

"אני שמח שעמרי בחיים", אמר נדב, אחיו של החוטף עמרי מירן.

"מקווה לראותו כמה שיותר מהר בבית. *לצאת להילחם ברפיח יביא אותם מהר יותר. פחות דיבורים, יותר מעשים*".


Liberal professor's gaffe: Asks underprivileged student what does SHE know about the lives of the underprivileged?

Liberal professor's gaffe: Asks underprivileged student what does SHE know about the lives of the underprivileged?


One day Professor Fuchs asked if homelessness was the result of drug abuse and misguided entitlement programs, as the conservatives claimed, or did it occur, as the liberals argued, because of cuts in social-service programs and the failure to create economic opportunity for the poor? 


Professor Fuchs called on me. I hesitated. "Sometimes, I think, it's neither."

"Can you explain yourself?"

"I think that maybe sometimes people get the lives they want."

"Are you saying homeless people want to live on the street?" Professor Fuchs asked. "Are you saying they don't want warm beds and roof over their heads?"

"Not exactly," I said. I was fumbling for words. "They do. But if some of them are willing to work hard and make compromises, they might not have ideal lives, but they could make ends meet."

Professor Fuchs walked around from behind her lectern. "What do you know about the lives of the underprivileged?" she asked. She was practically trembling with agitation. "What do you know about the hardships and obstacles that the underclass faces?"

The other students were staring at me. "You have a point," I said. 


(page 256 of Jeannette Walls’ Glass Castle)

19 אפריל, 2024

"Hamas has designed a war that Israel can only fight by killing civilians" (distinguished philosopher of the morality of war)

 Michael Walzer, the distinguished philosopher of the morality of war, calls an “asymmetry trap” laid by Hamas. Walzer explained that, by embedding itself and its equipment in the civilian infrastructure of Gaza – tunnels under hospitals, rocket launchers in schools – “Hamas has designed a war that Israel can only fight by killing civilians”. Besides, Israel gave regular warnings to Palestinians to get out of harm’s way, hardly the action of a state bent on genocide.


29 מרץ, 2024

Ahed Tamimi: 'slaughter the Jews'

Ahed Tamimi: we’ll slaughter the Jews


“Our message to the flocks of settlers, we are waiting for you in all the cities of the West Bank.

From Hebron to Jenin, we will slaughter you, and you will say that what Hitler did to you is a joke,

We will drink your blood and eat your skull. Come on, we’re waiting for you”


Tamimi’s account, which had almost 100,000 followers, subsequently disappeared from Instagram. It was not clear whether the account was deactivated or suspended.


Meir Amit Center maintains ongoing contact with currently serving intelligence officials

Meir Amit Center is filled with (employs many) former top Israeli intelligence officials and maintains ongoing contact with currently serving intelligence officials




'from river to sea' and 'globalize intifada' are antisemitic," says ADL

“Chants like ‘from the river to the sea’ and ‘globalize the intifada’ are antisemitic,” Anti-Defamation League told the Jewish Telegraphic Agency. ADL stopped short of defining such chants as de facto calls for Jewish genocide, website does say that “intifada” refers to violence such as the second intifada two decades ago, when approximately 1,000 Israelis were killed in terror attacks.



27 מרץ, 2024

אפרים סנה: האיחוד האירופי הוא שאפשר לאיראן להפיק נשק להשמדה המונית

האם נתניהו וטראמפ הם שאשמים בסכנה העולמית שיוצר הגרעין האיראני??

כזכור, בדצמבר פורסם בדה-מרקר כי נתניהו וטראמפ הם מי ש"הפכו את איראן למדינת סף גרעינית" מפני שב-2013 נחתם הסכם בנושא גרעין עם איראן, ונתניהו דרש הסכם מחמיר יותר.

ואולם, מסתבר כי עוד ב-1995, תא"ל (מיל.) אפרים סנה, שוודאי לא חשוד כאיש ימין, הבהיר כי האיחוד האירופי הוא שגרם ליכולת הגרעינית של איראן. איראן תלויה במשאבי חוץ, הסביר סנה ל"מכון וושינגטון", ולכן הדרך היחידה להניאה מלהצטייד בנשק גרעיני, היה יכול להיות ניתוק המסחר והסיוע לאיראן. אך האיחוד האירופי לא עשה כן, הסביר סנה. במקום זאת, האיחוד האירופי תרם לאריכות ימיו של המשטר האיראני ע"י תזמון מחדש של החובות הכספיים קצרי הטווח של איראן. אירפה (יחד עם סין ויפן) גם סיפקה את החומרים והטכנולוגיה שנדרשו לאיראן כדי לייצר נשק להשמדה המונית.

Simcha Rothman, Chair of Constitution, Law, Justice C'tee: "No such a thing as a de-militarized state"

Simcha Rothman - Chair of Israel’s Constitution, Law, Justice C’tee:  No such a thing as “de-militarized state”


איך כתוצאה ממחדל של דו"צ, נוצר אייטם של אלימות מתנחלים בתקשורת הבינל ובדיפלומטיה

דו"צ נתפס על חם ע"י עיתונאי, תיאור אוביקטיבי  איך כתוצאה ממחדל של דו"צ, נוצר בדצמבר 22 אייטם של אלימות מתנחלים בתקשורת הבינל ובדיפלומטיה

בגלל שצהל פשוט סירב לכבות את השריפה התקשורתית

הסבר מפי העורך לשעבר של הגרוסלם פוסט שלא חשוד כאיש ימין בשום צורה


הנדון: טרור ישראלי פאשיסטי שמוכיח שלפלשתינים אין שום ברירה אלא להיות מחבלים

on Huawara main rd. Settler opened his window & shot Ammar



כאן יש הסבר מפי העורך לשעבר של הגרוסלם פוסט, שכל המחדל ההסברתי הנ"ל שארע בדצמבר 2022, נבע מכך שהארוע הנ"ל התרחש (שוטר מגב הרג מחבל)

וצה"ל החליט לזנוח לחלוטין את הזירה התקשורתית

(אפשר לפרט אם יש כאן דוברי עברית שלא מבינים את הכתבה באנגלית)




The IDF decided not to get involved after the incident because it was a policeman who did the shooting and therefore left the media front to the Israel Police. The problem was that the Israel Police have a fraction of the staff and capabilities that the IDF Spokesperson's Office has – resources, social media reach and more….Border Police operate under the command of the IDF and therefore there was reason for the military to take charge.


Nevertheless, the IDF didn't, and the results were predictable. While the National Information Directorate in the Prime Minister's Office did its best to fill the vacuum, the narrative that was set by an edited video of the incident that spread on social media led diplomats around the world to assume that the shooting was wrong and needed to be investigated. Israel was condemned and was slow to react.


…these types of incidents do not go unnoticed in Washington – in the White House, the State Department and on Capitol Hill. Already, there are rumblings that Biden needs to reconsider the relationship with Israel …Incidents like these could be what pushes the administration to do what some former senior Democrats are calling for – to sanction the new government either by cutting off aid or suspending weapon sales.


…the public diplomacy front needs to be managed in the same way that the IDF fights on the traditional fronts it faces … There is where the battle is being fought (Gaza, Lebanon, the West Bank); there is the home front where rockets are landing; and there is the public diplomacy front that plays out around the UN Security Council table and in the foreign media. Media messaging shapes narratives, narratives shape opinions and opinions shape policies.


Halevi … needs to understand the significance the IDF plays in shaping Israel's messaging, and the way its management can influence operations, political stability and Israel's international diplomatic standing.

Netanyahu [is] careful to speak of opposition to "unilateral" Palestinian statehood

Netanyahu [is] careful to speak of opposition to “unilateral” Palestinian statehood


04 מרץ, 2024

7 October terrorists don't differentiate between Israelis and Jews

"אני בפנים, אצל היהודים בפנים, יש לנו שבויות, תפסתי אחת" נחשפות ההקלטות המפלילות; עובדי הוראה באונר"א לקחו חלק במתקפת הטרור




Nor do they differentiate between Israelis and settlers:


Palestinian resistance factions from the Gaza Strip have taken control of over a dozen illegal settlements in southern Israel as part of 'Operation Al-Aqsa Floods,' which has been raging since the early hours of 7 October.


25 פברואר, 2024

טיימז: ביום ו ארה"ב אימץ מחדש את חו"ד אי-חוקיות היישובים בגלל לחץ של ארגונים פרוגרסיביים

טיימז: ביום ו ארה"ב אימץ מחדש את חו"ד אי-חוקיות היישובים בגלל לחץ של ארגונים פרוגרסיביים


The United States on Friday restored its longstanding policy that settlements are inconsistent with international law, reversing a stance implemented by the former administration.


Blinken said … during a press conference in Argentina… "settlements are counterproductive to reaching an enduring peace. They're also inconsistent with international law," he continued, effectively revoking what became known as the "Pompeo doctrine". The 2019 policy implemented by Pompeo overturned a 1978 memo by State Department legal adviser Herbert Hansell, which characterized settlements as illegal.


Blinken's remarks restored the validity of that memo, a US official told The Times of Israel, adding that a more formal step wasn't required because Pompeo's policy was merely announced in a statement akin to the one now made by his successor.


Elaborating on the decision during his own press conference, White House National Security Adviser John Kirby said, "We are simply reaffirming the fundamental conclusion that these settlements are inconsistent with international law" Kirby said of the Trump administration.


Despite pressure from progressive pro-Israel organizations, the Biden administration had held off for over three years in revoking the Pompeo doctrine, as it avoided moves seen as overly confrontational with Jerusalem.





21 פברואר, 2024

State of Israel re request for an advisory opinion - Hague

Israel's deep historical ties and own valid claims to the territory in question are … discounted, as are Israel's rights and responsibilities in this territory pending a negotiated resolution of the conflict, including in the sphere of security, as recognized under intemational law



19 פברואר, 2024

Govt of Israel unanimously "outright rejects" any foreign attempts to create Palestinian state

Govt of Israel unanimously "outright rejects" any attempts by foreign powers to create a Palestinian state.


Netanyahu announced at the start of a cabinet meeting Sunday morning. "In light of the talk in the international community about an attempt to unilaterally impose a Palestinian state on Israel, I am bringing today a declarative decision on this issue for the approval of the government. I am sure it will be widely accepted," Netanyahu told the cabinet in Hebrew.


"Israel outright rejects international dictates regarding the permanent settlement with the Palestinians," the declaration said. "Such an arrangement will be reached only through direct negotiations between the parties, without preconditions. Israel will continue to oppose the unilateral recognition of a Palestinian state. Such a recognition, following the massacre of October 7, will reward the terrorism, a reward like no other, and will prevent any future peace settlement."





Palestinian statehood impossible, inadvisable - former Ambassador David Friedman

Palestinian statehood impossible, inadvisable - former Ambassador David Friedman


"I do not think a two-state solution is possible, and, even if possible, it is not advisable. For more than 50 years, hundreds of self-proclaimed ‘peacemakers,’ led by the United States, have attempted to coerce Israel and the Palestinians into a two-state solution," former U.S. Ambassador to Israel David Friedman told Fox News Digital last month.  Friedman said, "The efforts repeatedly fail regardless of who’s in charge and the reasons are profound and immutable: 1) the Palestinians are not willing to accept a Jewish State; 2) the likelihood of a Palestinian state becoming a terror state is extremely high, presenting an existential threat to Israel; and 3) the West Bank (referred to by Biblical adherents as Judea and Samaria) is biblical Israel and, absent Israeli control, hundreds of Jewish and Christian holy sites will be destroyed."



17 פברואר, 2024

Hostage relatives speak

Yifat Zailer … is advocating for her niece and nephew, … Ariel, 4, and Kfir, 10 months, … taken with their mother Shiri (Bibas), Zailer’s cousin…  Zailer … said she was concerned that a military operation could put her relatives at risk, though she said she hadn’t come up with an alternative.

Sandy Feldman's sister and brother-in-law, Aviva and Keith Siegel, … were kidnapped on Oct. 7 and last seen in a video being driven into Gaza by Palestinian terrorists. They expressed doubts over whether the Siegels would survive prolonged captivity and thought an invasion was inevitable. "There is a sense that they won't come out alive. But I think this is bigger than me or us. This is a fight against right and wrong. It is that simple," said Ilan. "There cannot be a place where Hamas lays down roots." "Should we negotiate with them again? Look at all the people who we released for Shalit and are now the ones who went on and murdered. Was it worth it? I don't know," said Sandy Feldman. https://www.jpost.com/israel-news/article-769811


Palestinianism: the fictitious cause designed to make antisemitism respectable - Melanie Philips

Causes of the “tsunami of antisemitism … through Britain and in the United States”: Muslim antisemitism, and Palestinianism  (the fictitious cause designed  to make antisemitism respectable – M. A.)

Britain’s … Community Security Trust, reported … the October 7 pogrom has driven antisemitism to its highest levels in more than 40 years.

On police advice, the Jewish chaplain at Leeds University went into hiding with his wife and family after threats to murder him and rape his wife.

The government’s concern is genuine.  But … anti-Jewish hatred [is] … out of control…  because…  the government has refused to acknowledge the cause…. In both Britain and America, there are two elephants in this particular room.

The first is support for the Palestinian cause, … the default position for western “progressives”. Pro-Palestinianism is by definition anti-Israel and anti-Jew. This is because it’s based on the denial and cultural appropriation of Jewish history in the Land of Israel … to construct an entirely fictitious historical and legal “Palestinian” claim to the land. The Palestinian Authority, … the supposedly moderate and respectable side of the Palestinian cause, pumps out … Islamic incitement through Nazi-style demonisation of the Jewish people and genocidal threats to … kill the Jews. The second rampaging pachyderm is Muslim antisemitism…. Jew-hatred is a default in the Islamic world…. Yet most politicians and Jewish community leaders … won’t breathe a word about this. People who do so are denounced as “Islamophobic”.

Melanie Philips



16 פברואר, 2024

Hattis-Rolef's day after: a large number of Palestinians moving elsewhere permanently

Hamas is a Sunni-Palestinian enemy.  [T]he outline of the solution preferred by the Israeli government today would entail a large number of the 2.1 million Palestinians who reside in the Gaza Strip moving elsewhere permanently. Israel would not return to rule and would in no way be responsible for Gaza’s welfare. However, Israel would maintain its ability to enter for security purposes. This leaves unanswered, where will the population which has left go? (At the moment, no one seems interested in receiving them.) One of the original sins is that since 1949, the UN has spent billions to perpetuate the problem of the Palestinians by means of UNWRA, rather than try to solve it. There are those who want Israel to reoccupy the Gaza Strip for good. The Religious Zionist Party advocates reconstruction of Gush Katif.


13 פברואר, 2024

שאול אריאלי: תנו כסף לחמאס

שאול אריאלי: תנו כסף לחמאס


one should not be satisfied with a package that helps preserve the territorial feasibility of a permanent settlement by stopping Israeli moves of creeping annexation (expanding settlements, legitimizing outposts, building infrastructure, demolishing houses and the like),  but by gradually creating a reality of separation and establishment of a Palestinian state. Five, Hamas in Gaza should be one of the primary beneficiaries of the package


נכתב ימים ספורים לפני 7.10

תכנית שאול אריאלי - פעימות , מעבר בטוח, נסיגה. ויתור על גב ההר

הרש"פ, שת"פ בטחוני ופיננסי - מאמד של אבי חוק טיילר פורס

הרש"פ, שת"פ בטחוני ופיננסי - מאמד של אבי חוק טיילר פורס


PalestinianAuthority – the whole truth – oped by Taylor Force Act instigator

12 פברואר, 2024

08 פברואר, 2024

Terrorist release (Nov) caused Hamas support to shoot up in JudeaSamaria

Terrorist release (Nov) caused Hamas support to shoot up in JudeaSamaria


שחרורי מחבלים גרמו לגידול עצום בתמיכה בחמאס באיו"ש

Prisoner releases send Hamas support rocketing in West Bank

Ramallah (Palestinian Territories) (AFP) – In Palestinian cities in the occupied West Bank, long the turf of president Mahmud Abbas's Fatah party, the green flag of Islamist rival Hamas is flying ever higher thanks to prisoner-hostage exchanges.



27 ינואר, 2024

עזה היא המקום הכי צפוף בעולם? שקר

עזה היא המקום הכי צפוף בעולם? שקר

United States' top urban warfare specialist (John Spencer):
Gaza is NOT "the most densely populated on Earth" - it doesn't even make the top 50.  



26 ינואר, 2024

מומחים לבטחון - המנהרות בעזה לא יהוו בעיה. מומחים...


לפי מסמכים שהגיעו ל"ניו יורק טיימס", בפגישה ב-2023 אמר בכיר בצה"ל כי המנהרות לא יהוו פקטור במלחמה עתידית מול חמאס, בגלל עוצמת צה"ל. זה כמובן הוכח אחרת לחלוטין.




21 ינואר, 2024

בניינים ומנהרות הורגים 4 ופוצעים 6, אמיתי מאבד 2 רגליים

בניינים ומנהרות הורגים 4 ופוצעים 6, אמיתי מאבד 2 רגליים


בניינים עומדים – חיילים נופלים

בניינים נופלים – חיילים מנצחים

גלנט גנץ ואייזנקוט, מה קורה

19 ינואר, 2024

היום שאחרי - דוברי הימין בכנס ריבונות



From: nashimbyarok-pressreleases@googlegroups.com <nashimbyarok-pressreleases@googlegroups.com> On Behalf Of Nadia Matar
Sent: Friday, January 19, 2024 8:22 AM
To: Nadia Matar <nadiamatar1966@gmail.com>; nashimbyarok-womeningreen@googlegroups.com; nashimbyarok-pressreleases@googlegroups.com; Beth Lanin <blanin@gmail.com>; שמעון כהן <cshimon2@gmail.com>
Subject: מקליקים,מפיצים,משפיעים! Click, Spread, Influence!



English follows Hebrew

מקליקים, מפיצים, משפיעים!

חברים יקרים,

מצורפים הקישורים לכל הדוברים שהופיעו בכנס "לקחי עזה, קץ לרעיון שתי המדינות".

חשוב מאד להפיץ אותם כדי להדהד את המסרים החשובים שהדוברים המעולים העבירו בכנס. העבירו את הקישורים למשפחה, חברים ובכל פלטפורמה אפשרית ברשתות החברתיות. יחד נבהיר לעולם את מה שהסקר שלנו הוכיח שוב: רוב עם ישראל אומר לא להקמת מדינה פלשתינית, כן לריבונות על ארץ ישראל!

שבת שלום,

יהודית קצובר ונדיה מטר

תנועת הריבונות

ribonut@gmail.com   www.ribonut.co.il

נותנים כח לריבונות https://www.jgive.com/new/he/ils/donation-targets/60201


קישורים לכנס בעברית:

יהודית קצובר, יו"ר תנועת הריבונות -החלת ריבונות בתודעה  ובחקיקה https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gzLtn0zRfQA&t=25s

שלמה נאמן, יו"ר מועצת יש"ע וראש מועצת גוש עציון -מלכודת המדינה הפלשתינית https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=do6h3IA4sGw

עמית סגל, פרשן פוליטי חדשות N12 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cJfUzDeRSG4

עמית סגל מראיין את שר האוצר בצלאל סמוטריץ  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o6usegnFXQ0&t=4s

אליהו יוסיאן, בוגר 8200, זוכה פרס ביטחון ישראל https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DPKQs96dBZ0&t=73s

ד"ר דרור אידר, שגריר ישראל באיטליה לשעבר – משמעות המלחמה https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S7VUbkujn58

איתמר מרכוס, מבט לתקשורת פלשתינית https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0KdTgDppdAc

ד"ר יואב שורק, הגירה מעזה לעזתים זה מוסרי https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f_BNmIDYy4Q

אלוף במיל. גרשון הכהן להתעורר מהקונספציה https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X0oIAQJ_yjE

יאיר אנסבכר, חוקר ויועץ במערכת הביטחון, לוחם לוט,ר במיל https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8V3Of4lql3Q&t=394s

שלום ירושלמי, פרשן פוליטי  


אלחנן גרונר, הקול היהודי                              https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xVwe9Xxih1M


קישור לכל הדוברים שהופיעו באנגלית:


הדוברים באנגלית היו: השרה גילה גמליאל, ח"כ שמחה רוטמן שרואיין ע"י יוני קמפינסקי, חברי הכנסת דן אילוז ואוהד טל, פרופ' יוגין קנטרוביץ, ד"ר דרור אידר, צביקה מור, עו"ד מאר זל, ישי פליישר, ג'וש ריינשטיין, ג'רמי גימפל, ג'וש האמר, אלכס טריימן ונדיה מטר

אנא הקליקו, הפיצו, השפיעו! שבת שלום



Dear Friends,

Here below are the links to all the speakers who appeared at the "Wake-Up Call from Gaza- Putting an End to the Two State Paradigm" conference.

It is very important to spread these links far and wide in order to echo the important messages that the excellent speakers delivered at the conference.

Please click on the links, enjoy the talks, and then forward the links to family, friends and on any possible social media platform. Together we will make clear to the world what our survey proved once again: the majority of the Israeli people say no to the establishment of a Palestinian state, and yes to sovereignty over the Land of Israel!

Shabbat Shalom,

Yehudit Katsover and Nadia Matar

The Sovereignty Movement

ribonut@gmail.com    www.ribonut.co.il

Strengthening Sovereignty                 https://www.jgive.com/new/en/usd/donation-targets/60201



Nadia Matar, co-chair Sovereignty Movement Opening the conference – Lessons from Gaza    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A8ejMzBHFEQ&t=7s

Minister Gila Gamliel, Minister of Intelligence – "Open the Door for the Gazans"                          https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5piZeF0MboI&t=1s

Yoni Kempinsky interviews MK Simcha Rotman https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HU3yR11s8PY

Mk Dan Illouz – The misconception of deterrence https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vNG_EErvptA

MK Dan Illouz – Are the Abraham Accords a model for "the day after"? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qtniqlYHrPQ&t=16s

MK Ohad Tal- How to go ahead with applying Sovereignty? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JbHY6a77XaI&t=8s

MK Ohad Tal -The gap with the international community on the two state solution https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Kv4YBExpaM&t=10s

Zvika Mor, father of Eitan kidnapped in Gaza- His speech got a standing ovation https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WM7UrfzgF_0&t=12s

Prof. Eugene Kontorovich International Law against the State of Israel https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SL8xOkrcGnw&t=10s

Prof. Eugene Kontorovich – Navigating the Refugee problem https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2If2NlPtCDU

Atty. Marc Zell – About the relationship between Israel and the US https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OAq54rI0ukw&t=3s

Atty. Marc Zell – The Impact of the upcoming US elections on the war https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X1ytbGuhcVg&t=5s

Yishai Fleisher- A Wake Up call from Gaza https://www.youtube.com/user/NashimBeYarok/videos

Yishai Fleisher- How to go ahead and apply Sovereignty? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=swDd1s_1UqI

Dr. Dror Eydar – Sovereignty of the Spirit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KqKQA9hwEFM

Dr. Dror Eydar- a bit of psycho-history https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6d0hvUx1Os8&t=9s

Josh Reinstein- How to improve Israel's PR?  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5W7k-W8TgTk

Josh Reinstein – What do Israeli MK"s need to know about other parliaments? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JC4hEX-H7bU

Jeremy Gimpel – the dream of our ancestors https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J8RXPW4LitY

Jeremy Gimpel – What did we think? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s54Gvn5toGk&t=7s


For a link to all the lectures of the Hebrew conference please click on:  https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLDt0BEs4TrFkTd6roNcX201rB7WktEKEq

And you will hear: Yehudit Katsover, Shlomo Neeman, Amit Segal, An interview with Minister Betsalel Smotrich,  Itamar Marcus, Eliyahu Yossian, Gen. Res. Gershon HaCohen, Dr. Dror Eydar, Kobi Eliraz, Yair Ansbacher, Elhanan Gruner, Shalom Yerushalmi, Dr Yoav Sorek.

Please click, spread and influence. Shabbat Shalom!






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